HT Higher Testosterone by ExtenZe

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From the company that brought you ExtenZe, the ‘ultimate male enhancement,’ they now deliver HT Higher Testosterone for men who need a boost in the bedroom, or in the gym. There are a couple of concerns that are raised with regard to this product and while it may not be fair to make assumptions based on past performances, there are a few details that are important to make.

First, ExtenZe wasn’t exactly the best product on the market and didn’t really help all that many men get stronger erections, have better performance in bed, or even gain length where they wanted. There are pending lawsuits, class action suits against ExtenZe regarding misleading advertising, among other issues.

Second, ExtenZe was not much more than a testosterone boosting supplement, so it begs the question about whether the company actually did more research into this product to improve it or just repackaged the old in a nice, new, shiny, Jose Conseco sponsored product.

The Promises

HT Higher Testosterone is packaged as a testosterone booster that will help you gain muscle, add vitality, and boost energy levels. It’s an all natural supplement that won’t cause any significant side effects, and no more so than most other boosters on the market.

The Difference

While many testosterone boosters currently on the market require you to consume three or more foul tasting pills a day, HT Higher Testosterone only asks you to swallow one Softgel a day. This could appeal to a number of guys who are tired of the tough taste of other pills.

However, through extensive research and reading through reviews, the general consensus is that any testosterone booster that only requires one pill a day isn’t going to provide the necessary nutrition that your body needs in order to get to the level that you want.

The Catch

Rarely do you come across a testosterone booster that is sold on an auto bill format (or scheme, depending on your perspective), but it does happen. Whenever I notice that, I immediately get suspicious. After all, if a product works, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you’d want to order more before you ran out?

However, according to ExtenZe, they offer a money back guarantee so that if you are not pleased with the results, simply ‘contact customer service for a full refund.’ That’s a nice offer, but I haven’t yet seen proof that it’s that easy.


HT Higher Testosterone is one of the newest products to launch into the testosterone boosting market and there isn’t much to go on to determine its effectiveness. That being said, I’ve done enough research to know when a product appears better than it is. Coupled with the fact that ExtenZe seems to have hidden its direct association with this product, and this auto bill scheme, it may be better to pass on this one. One pill just doesn’t cut it with natural supplements.

Overall rating: 5.7 out of 10.

HT Higher Testosterone by ExtenZe2.875John Moore2013-08-13 22:18:57From the company that brought you ExtenZe, the ‘ultimate male enhancement,’ they now deliver HT Higher Testosterone for men who need a boost in th…
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