Pros and Cons of Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is a natural hormone that is produced in the male body that is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics, such as facial and body hair, a lower pitched voice (deeper voice), libido, and muscle mass development. As a man ages, his body will begin to produce less testosterone, which can lead to a variety of problems. Some of these problems can include a decrease sex drive, sexual dysfunction, lower energy levels, and difficulty building new muscle mass or even the loss of muscle.

The levels of testosterone in the body begin to reduce sometime after the age of 20, but usually doesn’t decrease significantly until he reaches the age of 25. Using testosterone boosters help to inspire more production of the natural male hormone than can have numerous benefits.

There are certain, specific pros and cons related to testosterone boosters and it’s a good idea to become familiar with them before choosing the testosterone booster that will be right for you.


Most testosterone boosters are considered all natural, which means that unlike steroids, they use ingredients that are naturally occurring in the environment. Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B are just a few of the ingredients that you may find in a booster supplement, though not every product will use these exact ingredients.

Because most of these testosterone boosters are considered natural, it means that they are relatively safe and offer few side effects, if any.

Another positive aspect of testosterone boosters is that they will increase energy levels and libido. For an older male who is finding it difficult to be motivated to get up and exercise, becomes depressed by the loss of muscle mass or because of the extra pounds that are being packed on, then a testosterone booster will be able to help promote more energy and a better overall mood.

Testosterone boosters, when they are able to promote an increased production of testosterone in the body, will also help the male develop more muscle mass when they exercise. This can lead to an increase of self esteem and even more energy.


There are some negative aspects to keep in mind, however, when considering testosterone boosters. The most important is to accept that the male body will only be able to produce a limited amount of testosterone. As boosters are not steroids, they don’t actually inject the hormone into the body. Steroids for gaining muscle mass (anabolic steroids) are illegal in most countries and should only be used under the guidance of a trained medical professional, and only to treat serious medical or health related issues.

Too much testosterone production can cause a number of undesired side effects as well, including acne breakouts, excessive and rapid hair loss, and shorter tempers. Increased levels of testosterone has been linked to increased episodes of anger and even outburst of rage.

There are certain individuals who believe that by being more active, eating more red meats and other specific foods, and actively having more sex will inspire more testosterone production in the body. However, testosterone boosters have a solid track record of achieving this goal in a healthy and safe way.

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